Tommy Smith Solo / TSYJO All-Stars


The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh is celebrating 40 years and has invited saxophonist Tommy Smith to opens this special jazz concert with a solo set and then to present his “TSYJO All-Stars’  that feature some of the best players who have played in this unique ensemble.

Throughout its seventeen-year history, the TSYJO has been a byword for inclusive participation. Young people with an unswerving passion for jazz and from all walks of life have, almost inevitably, found their way into this incredible band. They needed only to demonstrate high levels of improvisational skill to discover the route into orchestral jazz.

Now, for the first time ever, an All-Star Orchestra has been assembled by Tommy Smith for a potentially very moving event amidst a raucous ruckus of explosive jazz and creativity. Jazz musicians of any vintage truly come alive when they are playing pumped up, energised, improvisational jazz in front of a receptive live audience. This particular group of musicians will truly inspire each other to dizzy, new heights.

The versatile young stars of TSYJO have always given the people what they want from Woody Herman to Miles Davis and Duke Ellington to Steely Dan. They have also proved time and time again that maturity is not the sole preserve of their elders, frequently stepping up to demonstrate unflinching commitment and self-belief. Jazz is for brave hearts, and TSYJO bears all the hallmarks of a courageous ensemble.

They say that every journey begins with a first step. This concert shows just how far jazz in Scotland has travelled, but it also points to new and exciting future destinations in modern music. So, if you like your jazz infused with the elixir of youth, then this concert is for you.

The TSYJO All-Stars are:
Leah Gough Cooper
Micheal Murray
Ru Pattison
Matt Carmichael
Bill Fleming (*)
Sean Gibbs (*)
Cameron T Duncan
Christos Stylianides
Joshua Elcock
Liam Shortall (*)
Kevin Garrity (*)
Patrick Kenny
Michael Owers (*)
Pete Johnstone (*)
Calum Gourlay (*)
Dominykas Snarskis
Joe Williamson (*)

(*) Current members of the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

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