12-14 May 2022

Tales of the Tribe

songs for Scotland’s mythical creatures

SNJO Tales of the Tribe

featuring Phil Cunningham, Blythe Duff, Julie Fowlis, Megan Henderson and Michael McGoldrick
music by Tommy Smith

A companion piece to Tommy Smith’s legendary Beasts of Scotland, but inspired by ancient Scottish folk melodies and folklore, TALES OF THE TRIBE magnifies and reveals creatures of mythic proportion and explores Scotland’s soul through music and through the poetry of Meg Bateman, Christine De Luca, Peter MacKay and Tom Pow, narrated by Blythe Duff and featuring Phil Cunningham, Julie Fowlis, Megan Henderson and Michael McGoldrick.

From tales of dragons to vampiric ghosts, there is something for everyone to get their teeth into in SNJO’s new Tales of the Tribe.

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