23-26 February 2023

Georgia Cécile

This Is A Communion

Georgia Cecile SNJO poster

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO) and Georgia Cécile invite you to share communion with them in an evening of harmony, understanding, and exceptional jazz. ‘This is a Communion’ is a thoughtful concept that presents original music as a shared experience and cultivated songwriting as a healing process.

Georgia Cécile is a gifted singer for our times, and Euan Stevenson is considered one of Scotland’s leading contemporary composers. Their creative partnership is based on the mutual sharing of thoughts, ideas, and feelings, all of which are the salient features of great orchestral jazz.

Georgia Cécile and Euan Stevenson stretch their music across a large canvas, but all of their songs’ spiritual, hymnal and melodic elements will be richly preserved. These are the perfect conditions for improvisational flourishes and outstanding performances, the best of which occur when there is communion between the artists and the audience.

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