Effervescence: Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra


The Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra (TSYJO) pops all the corks in a magnum-sized case of fizzing jazz with Effervescence; a brand new CD out now on Spartacus Records.

This electrifying recording is based on vintages established by Woody Herman, Jerome Kern, Chick Corea, Benny Golson and Dizzy Gillespie, and it comes laced with sparkling, fresh ingredients from newcomer Sean Gibbs, and respected arrangers Florian Ross and Christian Jacob.

It’s been fourteen years since the inception of TSYJO, and in that time the orchestra has been a platform for some of the most exciting young jazz musicians in the UK. The present ensemble includes multiple award-winners and critically acclaimed individuals who have already won recognition and approval from fans, commentators and peers alike.

Effervescence is the 3rd album from this young jazz orchestra that has grown considerably in strength, depth and ambition. This studio recording naturally bubbles with their trademark energy and enthusiasm, yet there is also self-assurance and audacity in the way that solos are taken by so many of these young players.  There are strong measures of bravado, bite and kick under Tommy Smith‘s sure direction, but there are also infusions of eloquent expression, warmth, intimacy and feeling. All of these strengths combine to striking effect on Tam O’ Shanter, an imaginative new composition from the pen of trumpeter/composer Sean Gibbs.

It seems fitting too that Gillespie’s Things to Come should feature, for TSYJO are all about tomorrow. Dizzy’s headlong rush into the future of jazz perhaps anticipated the interpretive embrace of successive generations, so ably personified by these players. The versatility of this young orchestra is also underscored by the inclusion of the droll, almost casual genius of Corea’s Humpty Dumpty and Kern’s evergreen melody The Way You Look Tonight. Add a smart dash of style with Benny Golson’s Blues March, and the sweet tang of Woody Herman’s Apple Honey and you have the recipe for great jazz.

The TSYJO represents much more than the future aspirations of Scottish jazz. The music on Effervescence demonstrates that jazz is an art form that is passed through hands from one generation to another. It may be distilled, matured or replenished on the way, but its resilience is proven in the performances on this CD.



1       Apple Honey (Woody Herman) [2:56]

Soloists: Michael Butcher, Liam Shortall, Fergus McCreadie, Helena Kay, Tom Walsh

2      The Way You Look Tonight (Jerome Kern/arr. Florian Ross) * [6:07]

Soloists: Adam Jackson, Kevin Garrity

3      Blues March (Benny Golson) [7:32]

 Soloists: Sean Gibbs, Christos Stylianides, David Bowden


4 Humpty Dumpty (Chick Corea/arr. Florian Ross) [9:44]

Soloists: Joe Williamson, Pete Johnstone, Stephen Henderson


5 Tam ‘O’ Shanter (Sean Gibbs) [6:50]

Soloists: Joe Williamson, Michael Butcher


6 Nefertiti (Miles Davis/arr. Florian Ross) [6:52]

Soloist: Michael Butcher


7 Things To Come (Dizzy Gillespie) [3:46]

Soloists: Sean Gibbs, Helena Kay, Stephen Henderson


8 Bud Powell (Chick Corea/arr. Christian Jacob) [8:12]

Soloists: Sean Gibbs, Samuel Tessier


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Stuart Hamilton

Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland, 6-7 February, 13-14 September 2016

Orchestra Manager: Lindsay Robertson

Photography: Derek Clark

Design: Nadworks

Directed & Produced: Tommy Smith


The Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra (2016)



Helena Kay (Alto/Clarinet)

Adam Jackson (Alto)

Samuel Tessier (Tenor)

Michael Butcher (Tenor)

Heather Macintosh (Baritone)



Tom Walsh

Sean Gibbs

Joshua Elcock

Christos Stylianides

Cameron T Duncan

Tom Clay Harris



Michael Owers

Liam Shortall

Kevin Garrity

Richard Foote



Joe Williamson (Guitar)

Fergus McCreadie (Piano)

Pete Johnstone (Piano)

David Bowden (Acoustic Bass)

Stephen Henderson (Drums)


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