Day & Night with David Liebman


David Liebman has been one of the world’s leading saxophonists in jazz over the past four decades.

Playing with the SNJO, this concert will highlight Liebman’s versatility and ranges from his own folk-jazz celebration to reflective pieces and standards such as In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington) and Naima (John Coltrane).

The history of jazz is peppered with iconic names, legendary exploits and fantastic voyages of discovery. Sometimes, making sense of it all can be a vexing business for the aficionado as much as it may be a perplexing for the uninitiated. Some might say it doesn’t do to think too hard on it; it ain’t why – it just is.

Thankfully, tenor and soprano saxophone master, and accomplished flautist David Liebman is here to put things straight. He has the intellect, the courage and the enthusiasm to bring clarity and comprehension to the proceedings. Moreover, he finds himself in full agreement with The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra under the guidance of its indefatigable director, Tommy Smith. Together they warmly welcome David Liebman back to Scotland for the first time since 2001 in a series of shows that perfectly frame the contrasting elements of great jazz music.

David Liebman, fully grasped the difference between light and dark (and the fifty shades of blue in between) from the moment he saw John Coltrane performing in Birdland. Ever since then he has spent a lifetime in jazz studying, describing and exploring those hues in literally hundreds of concert performances, recordings and collaborations.

[one_third]Day & Night with David Liebman - concert programme

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[one_third]In this programme of astonishing contrasts, David Liebman and the SNJO will contemplate bright, equatorial light on Gazelle, muse over long evening shadows in Port Ligat and suggest nocturnal conversations on Jung. The familiar will have a different aspect in their care as they present standards like In a Sentimental Mood and Night and Day from another angle and in a startling, new light.

Tommy Smith, himself an acclaimed saxophonist, composer and educator, describes “Lieb” as “the world’s foremost saxophonist” while others call him “the saxophonist’s saxophonist”. The accolades, awards and tributes keep coming but David Liebman does not rest on his laurels. This is where he and the SNJO find firm and common ground. They know that in order to understand jazz better, and thus enjoy it even more, we must embrace it’s restless, searching and daring nature.[/one_third][break]

Listen then as David Liebman and the SNJO revel in the mysteries of jazz. Join them in a never-ending journey of the mind, body and soul. I dare you.

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The Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra  

Nov 2019

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The Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra

Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra 2019 Autumn Concert
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Nov 2019

TSYJO 2019 Autumn Concerts

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