An American Journey with Bill Evans: Tickets on sale NOW


Experience a road trip to remember as the SNJO and saxophonist Bill Evans invite you to join their musical expedition across America from north to south and east to west, as jazz meets bluegrass, soul, country, funk and fusion. 

Well known for conducting experimental marriages between firmly established but quite distinct forms of American music, Bill Evans’ projects have included such unlikely bedfellows as soul and bluegrass, and jazz and country music.

Here, he is reunited with the SNJO to perform a new programme of cross-genre music in the true spirit of the west and these concerts are guaranteed to raise the bar again for jazz music in Scotland.

“Music chooses me. I can only write and play music that I am inspired to play – the kind of music that makes me want to play or write.
The things that have been interesting to me are trying something new and getting excited about it.” – Bill Evans

“Bill is one of the greatest musicians I’ve come upon”
– Miles Davis

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