A Tribute to Buddy Rich


The SNJO celebrates the centenary of explosive jazz drummer and bandleader, the one and only Buddy Rich in a special concert for the 2017  Glasgow Jazz Festival that features SNJO favourite, Alyn Cosker on drums and will capture the spirit of  Buddy Rich at the height of his career.

Many world-famous jazz drummers today owe their careers to the drive, determination and sheer grit of Buddy Rich.  He remains a primary influence in jazz drumming decades after his last performances, and his power, prowess and artistry have also inspired countless contemporary rock drummers.

Rich was noted for his energy, his subtlety, his arrogance, his wit and his infamous temper. Nevertheless, his treatment of music from West Side Story and tunes like Love For Sale and Norwegian Wood are indicative of an expressive, passionate and utterly dedicated musician.

It takes a big band with big ideas and big ambitions to tackle the enormous musical personality behind the Buddy Rich persona…… the SNJO is indisputably one of them.


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