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Review: Culloden Moor Suite – ‘A satisfying musical whole’

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SNJO & Bobby Wellins: Culloden Moor Suite

A 25 year-old Bobby Wellins wrote The Culloden Moor Suite in 1961, having been inspired by stories of the 1746 battle which signalled the destruction of the Highland way of life. Read more

Review: Bobby Wellins And The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra: Culloden Moor Suite

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It’s over 268 years since the Battle of Culloden and yet the event continues to resonate in contemporary Scotland (which votes on independence just a few days after this album is released). Tenor saxophonist Bobby Wellins wrote his Culloden Moor Suite in 1961, inspired by John Prebble’s book, Culloden, released in the same year. Read more

Review: “Haunting Eloquence” – Bobby Wellins and SNJO ‘Culloden Moor Suite’

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Culloden Moor Suite

“Glasgow-born Bobby Wellins composed an early version of this work more than 50 years ago, and recorded it in 1965 with Stan Tracey and a simple quartet.
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Culloden Moor Suite

Culloden Moor Suite

Echoes from a Lost Future

Bobby Wellins and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra bookmark history with ‘The Culloden Moor Suite’.
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'The SNJO deserved all the praise Kurt Elling so graciously lavished on them.'