Peter and the Wolf

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Peter and the Wolf by Serge Prokofieff
Arranged and Orchestrated by Tommy Smith


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About this album

Tommy Smith’s jazz version of Peter and the Wolf will remain true to Prokofiev’s premise that particular instruments are allocated to each character and the wonderful melodies will be lovingly preserved whilst actor Tam Dean Burn will narrate new text specially adapted by Liz Lochhead.

Peter and the Wolf by Serge Prokofieff
Arranged and Orchestrated by Tommy Smith

Conductor Tommy Smith
Narrator Tam Dean Burn
Piano Makoto Ozone

Text Adapted by Liz Lochhead

Flute Yvonne Robertson
Saxophones Martin Kershaw, Paul Towndrow, Konrad Wiszniewski, Bill Fleming
Trumpets James Davison, Sean Gibbs, Tom MacNiven, Lorne Cowieson
Trombones Chris Greive, Liam Shortall, Michael Owers
Bass Calum Gourlay
Drums Alyn Cosker

Music & Text commissioned by the SNJO 2017
Recorded live on 24 February 2018 at Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
Mixed and Mastered at Castlesound Studios by Stuart Hamilton 3 + 4 March 2018

Produced by Tommy Smith

SNJO Manager Lindsay Robertson
Photography Derek Clark
Design Nadja von Massow /


  1. Full of devilment
  2. Oot in the country
  3. Aw quite quiet
  4. Lucky duck?
  5. Cool, blue depths
  6. Sleekit cat
  7. Argy-bargy
  8. Deadly-danger
  9. Non-challant
  10. Oot comes Grandpa
  11. Whit’s a Wolf?
  12. Grey Wolf
  13. Quackin her heid aff
  14. Swallyed her whole
  15. Greedy eyes
  16. In big trouble
  17. Zoomin roon him
  18. Loop it roon
  19. Whit a racket
  20. Gonnae no shoot!
  21. Listening very carefully
  22. Bwoak!
  23. Howling at the Moon
  24. Triumphal Parade
  25. Wee sermon
  26. In the zoo!

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